ECM Europe partner of UNI, National Body of regulations

By the present communication I am pleased to inform you that ECM Europe Srl is now partner of UNI (Ente Nazionale di Normazione – National Body of regulations).

UNI is a nonprofits private association, whose members, above 7000, are enterprises, freelancers, associations, scientific institutes and schools, Public Administration Offices. UNI carries out Regulatory activity in all industrial, commercial and service industry area, with the exclusion of the electrical and electronic field concerning CEI – Comitato Elettronico Italiano (Italian Electronic Committee). UNI role has been recognized by the European Directive 83/189/CEE March 1983, acknowledged by the Italian Government by the Law n.317 dated 21 June 1986.

UNI participates, on behalf of Italy, to regulatory activities of supranational bodies: ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation).

As UNI partner, ECM Europe will take part to the National and International Technical Commissions from which arise tendencies and regulations to be approved. Being UNI Effective Partner for ECM Europe means to take part to:

  • National and International Committee works who provide regulations draft;
  • Periodical meetings to submit and discuss about tendencies and strategies of the Regulatory activities;
  • Events for presenting regulations for the first time, in particular those that have a special impact on Companies above all on Maritime ones;

All that with the aim of granting a bigger and always up to date competency for our clients service!

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