New series of ISO standards assists stakeholders in recycling ships

ISO has launched the first document of a new series of management system standards for the recycling of ships. The new series, ISO 30000, Ship recycling management systems, will support environmental protection and increase the safety of workers.

Ship recycling contributes to the global conservation of energy and resources. However, the presence of asbestos, hydrocarbons and other environmentally hazardous substances in ships can, if the scrapping process is not carefully controlled, have negative repercussions for the environment and human health.

The ISO 30000 series thus aims to provide assistance to organizations implementing or improving a ship recycling management system through guidance on the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibilities, and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes.

These standards will be useful, among others, for the ship recycling industry, shipyards, shipping industries, ship owners, maritime research institutes, universities for maritime technology, ministries of shipping, navy, labour and the environment, port authorities, classification societies and inspection agencies.

Other standards in the series, currently under development, will address best practice, assessments and plans, guidelines for the selection of ship recyclers, requirements for certification and audit bodies, information for the control of hazardous materials and methods for removing such materials, including asbestos. (such as but not limited to : ISO/AWI PAS 30005 Ship recycling management systems — Information control for hazardous materials in the manufacturing chain of shipbuilding and ship operations;  ISO/AWI PAS 30004 Ship recycling management systems — Guidelines for implementing ISO 30000 ; ISO/WD PAS 30003 Ship recycling management systems — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of ship recycling management; ISO/AWI PAS 30002 Ship recycling management systems — Guidelines for selection of ship recyclers (and pro forma contract) ISO/AWI PAS 30001 Ship recycling management systems — Best practice for ship recycling facilities — Assessment and plans.)

ISO 30000 has been developed with the cooperation of IMO and other international organizations. It will support and supplement the work of the IMO Conventions, guidelines and regulations, and other requirements to be issued by IMO relating to ship recycling, as well as the work of IMO/International Labour Organization (ILO)/ United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP-Basel Convention) Working Group.

ISO International Standards on ship recycling will provide transparency and improve communication, fostering trust among partners in the recycling/scrapping chain. The ISO 30000 series will “level the playing field” for enterprises and regulators by providing one reliable and concise reference source for implementing ship recycling. Among its further advantages, the series will also constitute a useful risk assessment tool for public authorities and industry, as well as an aid in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors.

ISO 30000 follows the same Plan-Do-Check-Act approach of the other ISO management system standards, with which it is also compatible, notably ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 28000 (security in the supply chain).

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Source: International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


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