Vessel Response Plans (VRPs)

Conformity with International Group Guidelines & Other Recent Developments

Recently, ECM has received many inquiries pertaining to circular letters sent from the various P&I Clubs to their members referring to the “International Group Guidelines on VRP Contracts in the US”.

ECM confirms that ECM’s QI/SMT retainer contract has been reviewed by the International Group of P&I Clubs (IGA) and found to be in accordance with the IGA’s guidelines.

The following ECM prepared plans list either the National Response Corporation (NRC) and/or the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) as the major contracted oil spill removal organization(s) (OSRO) providing coverage in the contiguous United States. Both NRC’s and MSRC’s OSRO contracts have been found in accordance with the IGA’s guidelines.

 - Tank Vessel Response Plans (TVRP),
- Nontank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP),
- California Tank Vessel Contingency Plans (CATVCP)
- California Nontank Vessel Contingency Plans (CANTVCP)

Traditionally, OSRO contracts providing limited coverage in certain remote areas of the US are NOT approved by the IGA such as:

- Guam Response Services Limited
- Solar, Inc.
- Alaska Chadux Corporation
- Clean Islands Council

The required Canadian contracts with Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC) and Burrard Clean do meet the IGA’s requirements. Vessel enrollment agreements with the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC), the Maritime Fire and Safety Association (MFSA) and the Coos Bay Response Cooperative (CBRC) to meet the State Contingency Plan requirements for Washington and Oregon are not approved by the IGA but are required on a voyage basis for a vessel to call in those areas.

The IGA recommends members arrange for additional insurance provided under the North American Cleanup Cooperative Indemnity Cover through Miller which covers OSRO contracts that contain nonapproved liabilities that do not comply with the IGA guidelines and thus fall outside the scope of standard P&I cover.

The salvage contracts of Marine Response Alliance, Resolve Marine Group and Donjon-SMIT all meet the IGA guidelines.
Please find herewith enclosed one of the P&I Club’s latest lists of “Contracts/Agreements Conforming with the International Group’s Guidelines on Vessel Response Plan Contracts” for easy reference. ECM makes every effort to contract with OSROs and salvors that have been found to conform with the IGA and use only non-approved contractors when we have no other alternative. ECM is completely independent and has no corporate and/or financial relationship with any OSRO or salvor.


  • ECM Maritime Services, LLC

Download the Contracts Conforming to IGA Guidelines on VRP Contracts in the US  -PDF file  (61.08 kb)

Don’t miss the opportunity to remain ALWAYS updated with latest US Federal and State Regulations; The Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG) next revision (Rev. 2) will be ready on August 2009. 


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