Guide to Good Practice on Port Recepition Facilities

Guide to Good Practice on Port Reception Facilities issued for operators and ships’ crews by IMO

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has just issued the “Guide to Good Practice on Port Reception Facilities”, and set out in the annex to the MEPC.1/Circular.671 dated 20 July 2009.

This Guide is intended to be a practical users’ guide for ships’ crews who seek to deliver MARPOL residues/wastes ashore and for port reception facility providers who seek to provide timely and efficient port reception services to ships.
The use and provision of Port Reception Facilities (PRFs) is fundamental to the overall success of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL, or the Convention) in its objective of reducing and ultimately eliminating intentional pollution of the marine environment by ships.

This Guide suggests how modern environmental management systems (EMS) and procedures can assist with the improvement of MARPOL residue/waste delivery ashore. Procedures recommended by the Organization include communication and reporting procedures and the use of standardized forms.
Since the adoption of MARPOL, global environmental and societal awareness has grown and developed. This development has introduced new concepts on how to manage operations in an environmentally sensitive and responsible way. Many shipping companies and port authorities have implemented EMS which ensure that their operations are conducted in an environmentally sound manner. Frequently, environmental objectives are set in order to facilitate the ongoing improvement, year on year, in terms of a company’s environmental impact. Coupled with this is a growing desire to incorporate the principles of sustainability alongside that of corporate and social responsibility.

The Guide therefore brings into consideration the need for shipping companies and reception facility providers:
- to apply the principles of corporate and social responsibility;
- to fulfil the obligations relating to all aspects of a company’s operation as frequently found within company environmental    management systems; and
- to realise the desire of modern companies to continually improve their environmental performance.

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