The new ISO 9004:2009

ISO 9004:2009 Quality management systems — Guidelines for performance improvements published by ISO on 2 Nov, 2009.

This new edition will surely provide something short of a revolution, because the innovations introduced in the latest release are numerous and substantial.

Today the real challenge is not only to reach success, but to keep it along time. Economic crisis and globalization are two macro examples of how a position of success could change due to transformations in the market or in the environment in which a company operates.

Practical help however is on the way thanks to the ISO 9004: a standard aimed at helping to find more and more efficient interactions with the economic-productive environment, at identifying the expectations of all stakeholders (clients, properties, employees, authorities, suppliers, trade unions… ), at achieving and maintaining the desired results by providing a balanced response to such expectations.

The new ISO 9004 provides company management with the appropriate tools to monitor and diagnose their own success level (through specific self-evaluation methodologies) and to improve those areas in need.

PDCA Cycle

The ISO 9004:2000 was a guide for those organizations that, leaping beyond the ISO 9001:2000 requirements, aimed at assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of their management system in regard to its quality and the potential for performance improvement, thus further developing each ISO 9001:2000 content items.

Nine years later, the new ISO 9004 not only meets the need for a realignment with the changing socio-economic scenario to keep pace with our time but, through a redesign of the organization-environment perspective, it also represents a true guide, easy to understand and to apply, for the strategic and operational management of those organizations willing to achieve success and maintain it in the long term.

While maintaining a clear berth to the eight principles of quality management, the ISO 9004:2009 adds new elements to the general framework, emphasizing in particular:

  • the ethical-social perspective;
  • the organization mission and vision;
  • adaptivity and flexibility, intended as the organization’s ability to change, even substantially, itself and its own products and processes, in response to changing conditions of risk and opportunity;
  • knowledge management;
  • risk management;
  • alignment and linking with other management systems adopted by the organization;
  • the ability to turn strategies into actual actions and correlate the results to the objectives.

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