Quality Systems: The Benefits

 The cost of setting up a quality system is not insignificant. It is often difficult to justify.

Very often, Quality systems get a bad press because they are touted as systems in their own right and not an integral part of a company’s workings. This goes on all the time in the ship management. For example, rather than use simple terms such as “change” or “reorganise” I have heard words about “business process re-engineering”.

Whether or not a company is organised or disorganised, whether or not it satisfies its customers, that company still operates until, rather obviously, it stops. The company does somenting that enalbles it to deliver its goods and services. As the centuries have passed, company managers have recognised that in order to be successful there are some things that you do and other things that you don’t.

They have done what they think bets has not produced the services their customers expected; their customers left to find other companies to serve them better. Lessons are learnt. New companies arise and other companies change what they do to in the hope that their customers will remain loyal.

Usually, the terms we use to describe the way a company controls its operations are:

  • Organization Charts / Management structure,
  • Company procedures,  
  • The use of its resources – such as its staff and its equipment.

Now, let’s summarise and describe the workings of the typical company as a quality system.

Clearing up the definition…

in other words, the quality system is just a term to describe what a company does and how it does it. If a company operated more effectively than others it is doing something better than others. It has a better quality system. The benefits of doing something better are obvious if your performance is better than your competitors.


Structure a quality system is like a fractal

you can decide to which level or to which scale you need to descend. In quality system, the level of quality is defined by defined activites such as “contract review”.

The purpose of the quality system is to balance resources so reducing the risk of failure to an acceptable level (for further details see also our article pertain Risk Management), quality is managed and therefore controlled.


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