EMS & US Regulatory Compliance Seminar for Carboflotta Group

ECM/ ECM Europe has signed an agreement with Carboflotta Group, in order to arrange an intensive 2 day EMS Seminar for their senior officers and shore personnel from Italy, aimed at the promotion of Environmental Management System and environmental and safety US Federal and State regulations and requirements for about 60 employees.

The Company

Carboflotta Group (including Carbofin,Carbonor and Carbofin Energia Trasporti) is based in Genoa. Carboflotta provides a comprehensive range of ship management services for a total of 4 LNG Vessels for LNG Shipping S.p.A. – ENI. As a ship-owning company, Carboflotta is proud employer of about 300 seafarers, majority of which come from Italy and Philippines and 40 shore personnel.  Carboflotta owns 4 tankers, 1 Crude Oil and 4 LPG .

The Seminar

The Seminar has been divided in 3 sessions (2 days each session) to be conducted in 2010 at Carboflotta Training Center,  in La Spezia.

  • The first day Seminar is designed to explain the principles and elements of an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) as per ISO 14001 standard that can help the organization achive environmental and economic goals.  This International standard specifies requirements to support environmental protection of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs.
  • The second day start with an historical approach of Oil Pollution Act 1990 with past, present and future effects. Latest updated on U.S. Environmental Federal and State Regulations. NPDES requirements and practical solutions are detailed in the afternoon session.
  • Other topics to be covered include: the role of Qualified Individual , Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and USCG; the USCG Inspecting the effectiveness of the vessel Environmental Management System on board; TVE/COC Inspections, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Requirements.

For further informations on this regards, please contact Bruno Di Lascio at bruno.dilascio@ecmeurope.net.

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