Concentrated Inspection Campaign on ISPS Code In Italy

The Italian Adminisitration has announced a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on ISPS Code based on Iterim Guidance on Control and Compliance measures to enhance Maritime Security (RESOLUTION MSC.159(78)). CIC has started on 01 May to will last until 30 June 2010, in accordance to the new Circular Letter no. 01/2010 dated 08/04/2010.

As mentioned in the above Circular letter, amongst the other topics relevant only to Italian Flag vessels one of the tasks of the CIC is to carry out security control matters verification on an adequate number of foreign flag vessels, giving priority to non-EU flags.

It is herewith enclosed the checklist report that will be used by Italian PSC in application of the above mentioned Concentrated Inspection Campaign of inspection on ISPS Code.

The full text of Italian Administration Circular letter no. 01/2010 dated 08/04/2010 can be found at the following Italian Coast Guard web site .

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