ECM completed the 2010 Spill Management Team / Tabletop Exercise (SMT/TTX) in Europe

On October 15, 2010,  ECM Maritime Services, LLC (ECM) completed their European  2010 Spill Management Team Tabletop Exercise (SMT/TTX) Program. This phase saw exercise forums held in Hamburg (5 and 6 Oct), Rome (8 and 11 Oct), Istanbul (13 Oct) and Athens (15).

Speakers for this years European Program were  Scott May ,Vice President at the ECMNorwalk Office, Paul O’Brien, Manager ECM Seattle Office and Bruno Di Lascio, ECM Europe.  They were joined at Hamburg, Rome and Athens by Mr. Tim Wadsforth, Technical Support Manager for the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (ITOPF).  Tim gave at presentation at those locations that highlighted ITOPF activities at recent incidents involving ship ship-source spills of oil, chemicals and other substances in the marine environment.

We had a great turnout of ship owners and operators that came from all over the world to participate in the program.  In all there were 133 participants representing 99 companies in attendance.  Based  on comments from the representatives in attendance, we believe the program was a success and they left the training with valuable information and a better understanding of what a spill response would entail.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind ECM clients that attended the program that the SMT/TTX Debriefing Report for the European Program will be coming to them by email in the next two months after we have received the letter of credit from California for those clients with California Plans.

We collected valuable information from attendee’s regarding their desires for next years program and we will factor those comments into the overall the 2011 SMT/TTX European Program.

If you have any questions or perhaps further comments and suggestions regarding the exercise program, please do not hesitate to provide them to us at  We are always looking for ways to improve the exercise program to better meet your company goals and objectives.

SMTTX OCT 11Paul O’Brien presenting US Federal and State regulations  – ECM Europe Office, Rome 11 Oct, 2010

istanbulBruno Di Lascio and Paul O’Brien with client representatives from Gungen Maritime, NNC and Arkas – Istanbul 13 Oct, 2010

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