ECM Spill Management Tabletop Exercise (SMT/TTX) Events in Europe 2011

ECM have announced SMT/TTX in Europe on October, open to ECM Clients, and would like to remember its clients to attend the exercises as schedule herewith below.

Location Date Place Remarks
London, UK October 3, 2011 (Mo) Royal Horseguards Hotel
Athens, Greece October 5, 2011 (We) Metropolitan Hotel
Istanbul, Turkey October 7, 2011 (Fr) Movenpick Hotel
Rome, Italy October 10, 2011 (Mo) Parco dei Principi Hotel
Hamburg, Germany October 12, 2011 (We) Steigenberger Hotel
Hamburg, Germany October 13, 2011 (Thu) Steigenberger Hotel

This exercise program will provide exercise requirements for all plan holders including compliance with California (CA) Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) drill/exercise regulations. They are the most cost-effective means of meeting your exercise requirements. ECM’ s goal for exercises is to try and focus on the issues that are of consequence to the ship owner/operator/manager and where the ship owner/operator/manager will have the most involvement regarding the response.

The SMT/TTX Agenda for all European Locations can be found at the bottom of the page.

While ECM must develop and implement an exercise on your behalf that will meet all objectives of the National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (NPREP) and applicable CA OSPR requirements, ECM will orient as many aspects of the scenario to those issues that will be of special interest to its clients.

As always, we look forward to visiting with you again at one of these scheduled exercises. In order to register for an exercise please send a mail at .

We are looking forward to meeting you in October!

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