ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG): new revision available

ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG), First Edition, Revision 6, now available for ECM Clients

Handbook for Environmental Regulatory Compliance, 1st Edition, sixth revision updates rules, regulations and procedures in light of the recent revised regulations introduced or better operational interpretation provided. It is an incomparable reference source for all ship-owners and managers and vessels as well trading in US, Canada, Argentina, Panama and Japan.

This new revision details recent updates as follows:

  • Clarification regarding the new SMFF information
  • OPA 90 Definition of Oil
  • VLCC Capability in US
  • US Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act of 2010
  • Update Alaska COFR criteria
  • Add sections to clarify AK COFR and OSRO requirements
  • EPA Proposed NDZ for California State Waters
  • Best Management Practices are now required under NPDES
  • USCG Port Security Advisories
  • USCG Condition of Entry Examination (COE)
  • Revise information regarding the USCG/EPA MOU
  • Update information regarding Notification Prior to Entering Canadian Waters
  • Canada’s Ratification of the Bunkers Convention
  • How to Obtain a Bunkers Certificate
  • CCG Guidelines for Operating in Ice Control Zones in Eastern Canada
  • Additional Resources Regarding Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters
  • Clarify PCSOPEP applicability, exemptions, and the approval process.

This revised publication remains a single source of information concerning today’s maritime regulatory compliance. Readers requiring additional information have the opportunity to access the fully referenced material including comprehensive ECM tips, more than 100 web hyperlinks. The enhanced format, pdf file, comprehensive index and extensive appendices, provides the reader with improved access to the contents of this important guide.

For more information please contact  Renee at or to reserve a copy please visit our web site, or email quoting ref. “RRG order”

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