ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG): 9th revision available

ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG), First Edition, Revision 9, now available for ECM Clients

Handbook for Environmental Regulatory Compliance, 1st Edition, 9th revision updates rules, regulations and procedures in light of the recent revised regulations introduced or better operational interpretation provided. It is an incomparable reference source for all ship-owners and managers and vessels as well trading in US, Canada, Argentina, Panama and Japan.

The revised publication not only updates the already existing information but also includes new sections, such as:

  • MSRC Addendum Concerning the Use of Dispersants
  • No Discharge Zones (NDZ) for Sewage
  • CARB –Ocean-Going Vessels Low Sulphur Fuel Requirements – Safety Exemption
  • Dispersant CAPS Deficiency – COTP Honolulu
  • Required Action – Tank Vessels
  • P&I Coverage Issues

Moreover, the newest RRG revision:

  • updates information regarding CARB regulations
  • clarifies the timeframe for the issuance of the continuous bond.
  • clarifies eligibility requirements for QUALSHIP 21.
  • includes additional information regarding Exit Criteria of the QUALSHIP 21 program.
  • includes USCG’s update of July 2011 regarding testing hydrostatic bunker lines

This revised publication remains a single source of information concerning today’s maritime regulatory compliance. Readers requiring additional information have the opportunity to access the fully referenced material including comprehensive ECM tips, more than 100 web hyperlinks. The enhanced format, pdf file, comprehensive index and extensive appendices, provides the reader with improved access to the contents of this important guide.

For more information please contact  Alina Zawadzka at or to reserve a copy please visit our web site, quoting ref. “RRG order”

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