ECM issue a supplement guidance for VGP Compliance

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System : ECM issue a supplement guidance for VGP Comliance

Prior to discharge in state or tribal waters under the Clean Water Act (CWA) NPDES permit (the VGP), a state must either certify agreement with the permit or waive their rights under the CWA.

When a state is certifying the VGP they may add their own requirements which then become a provision of the federal permit  and must be complied with when operating in those state waters. The following is a list of those states which have either certified or waived their certification rights.

ECM has issued a list of state certification requirements that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. However, some state certification requirements are the same as the VGP and are not listed here. Listed are only those requirements which are in addition to the VGP or aremore restrictive than the VGP. State requirements are subject to change and this document will be updated on the ECM Maritime Services website.

Keep in mind that the list is a synopsis of the state requirements. For a full listing along with attachments and references go to EPA web page.

Download the State Requirements for the NPDES VGP

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