ECM will lead a Seminar in the Italian Shipowners’s Association (Confitarma) in Rome

ECM Europe is pleased to announce the one-day seminar on “Environmental compliance in shipping and the U.S. & E.U. perspective” will be held at the Italian Shipowners Association (Confitarma) Rome on Monday 30th of January, 2012.

This seminar organized for all Confitarma members, provides important guidance to companies in devising or streamlining their own EMS, to meet the additional demands of US and potentially EU requirements, which in turn could provide protection under the US Coast Guard’s Voluntary Disclosure Policy for environmental violations.


Since 2002, ECM Maritime Services, LLC (ECM) have been undertaken a variety of roles under Environmental Compliance Plans (ECPs) imposed upon vessel operators for APPS/MARPOL violations in US.  They continue to act in all the three assigned roles, i.e. the External Audit Group (EAG), Court Appointed Monitor (CAM) and Third Party Auditor (TPA) under several different ECPs.

Since 2005, ECM Europe has assisted ECM in conducting audits, inspections, ECP Manual preparation and training in Europe, as mandated under agreements reached between vessel operators and the U.S. DOJ.

Recently, this issue has become even more relevant following integration of the crime of Marine Pollution caused by Ships among those listed by Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

Since the steps taken by the US government to enforce ECPs may not be well understood in the industry, as well as the added implications of the recent EU Directive 2009/123/EC,  we are glad to present this one-day seminar on the subject, accompanied by valuable inputs from Registro Italiano Navale (RINA SpA), ECM Maritime Services LLC, Thomas Miller UK P&I, Messrs. Chalos, O’Connor and Duffy, LLP and Azimuth Srl.


Achille Tonani is Head of Sustainability, Governance and Innovation Sector at RINA and will discuss the prevention of MARPOL violations in the light of current European and Italian legislation.

Michael F. Minogue and Nishit Kapoor are respectively the CEO and Sr. Vice President of ECM, with extensive experience in ECP implementation in the roles of EAG, CAM and TPA since 2002. During the seminar they will discuss the issues related to the criminalization by US authorities of ship operators and crew when alleged MARPOL/APPS violations are found to have occurred, including the steps required to ensure compliance with ECPs.

Michael G. Chalos is Senior Partner at Chalos O’Connor and Duffy, LLP specializing in the handling of MARPOL/APPS cases, representing ship-owners worldwide.

Richard Case is Senior Claims Director.  Richard joined Thomas Miller in 1985 having previously worked with solicitors. His work has been with South American, London-based Greek, Monegasque, Italian and Spanish Members.

Alessandro Palumbo is HR Director and Executive Certified Coach at AZIMUTH Srl – Strategic Consulting. He has developed and implemented Change Management, Goal Setting, Leadership, and Business Executive Coaching projects for several large and multinational organizations in Italy in the Automotive, TLC, Defense, Banking and Maritime fields.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bruno Di Lascio for any question or info about this Seminar.



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