ECM San Diego SMT TTX 2014

ECM Maritime Services, LLC conducted the triennal and PREP exercise – San Diego, California. April 8th, 2014

“Every exercise provides the playing organizations and the response community with an unique opportunity to come togheter in a non-threatening environment and validate their various interlocking plans”, Mr. Stephen Edinger said in the welcome speach (Sthephen’s role in this exercise was RPIC at Unifed Command).

Additionally, the exercise provides a mechanism for examining planned response strategies, trying new tactics and technologies, and providing a “face to face” forum for the responders. An exercise of this magnitude is the only mechanism available (except for an actual spill) for the potential response organizations to implement thier plans, address unresolved issues, and gather the data necessary to update their plans.


“While not as expensive as an actual spill, every exercise requires a serious financial commitment on the part of all the participating organizations. Whatever your role is player, controller, player coach, etc., you have important responsibility to help ensure this investment pays dividends in the form of better response plans, efficient response management systems, and a reduction of community and environmental impacts”, said Mr. Scott May, Vice President at ECM (his role in the exercise was Logistic Section Chief).

“This has been an unique occasion to see all US response players working togheter in a worst case scenario and as ECM Facilitator and Team Coach, I will  bring this experience in the next  office Exercises with our European clients”, said Mr. Bruno Di Lascio, ECM Europe Representative.

Lessons Learned from this exercise will be shared with ECM Clients during the next European SMT TTX tour that it will be taking places on Sept. 2014.


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