In-Office Spill Management Table Top Exercise in Rome for Fratelli d’Amico SpA

Each year ECM provides opportunities for their clients to participate in a variety of in-office Spill Management Team (SMT) Tabletop Exercises (TTX). An in-office SMT TTX allows our clients to test their entire crisis management team to ensure they are properly able to respond to an emergency situation.

An in-office SMT/TTX is specifically designed, executed and facilitated to allow ECM clients opportunity for improvement through a wide range of challenges that may include, groundings, collisions, oil spills, crew injuries, etc. Often times they will include outside participation from P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters, Media Consultants, etc.

On June 17th, 2015, ECM facilitated in an in-office SMT TTX with Fratelli d’Amico S.p.A.

Fratelli d’Amico S.p.A. is one of the oldest tanker companies in Italy. The exercise was conducted in Rome, (Fratelli d’Amico S.p.A.’s office) and Mr. Bruno Di Lascio (ECM Europe) travelled to Fratelli d’Amico’ office play the role of ECM Exercise facilitator.

The first phase of the process is for ECM to discuss with the client the specific objectives they would like to accomplish during the SMT TTX. From these discussions we develop the scenario and exercise objectives. In this particular case, the scenario involved a vessel casualty in the Bolivar Roads Channel in Galveston Bay from the Gulf of Mexico approaching the intersection with the Inter-Coastal Waterway.

The exercise design was oriented toward giving the Fratelli d’Amico Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) a realistic perspective of the timing and activities that would be involved under the Incident Command System (ICS) in the first several hours of a spill response in the US. The exercise was focused on those response issues that would be pertinent to the USCG and other interested parties in the area.

Further, in this Exercise was used for the first time with success the projection of incident information via Google Earth. This allowed ECM to share and the Client to understand the impacted scenario with all sensitive areas, oil pollution area and mobilized resources on a shared screen as per the picture on the right.


Overall, “this was an unique occasion to see the “big picture” of the incident and understand responsibilities of third parties involved. Further this drill was able to enhance awareness of each role member within Fratelli d’Amico Crisis Management Team and identify areas to improve” said Mr. Carlo Cameli, General Manager at Fratelli d’Amico S.p.A. .

The willing participation of each member demonstrates their commitment to enhancing preparedness for emergency situations.

Should you have any question or interest in using our services to train your Crisis Management Team, do not hesitate to contact Paul O’Brien (U.S. and Far East) or Bruno Di Lascio (for Europe).

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