ECM’s Exercise Training Forum in Rome, Italy

Thirty-two participants from fourteen client companies, three potential client companies and two observing companies attended ECM’s Forum in Rome on June 16th and 17th for exercise/training from 1300 hours on the 16th until 1200 hours on the 17th with refreshments and dinner on the 16th evening.

In this exercise/training event, the attendees were pre-assigned seating at tables of approximately 5-6 persons/table and asked to serve in the role of a Company’s Crisis Management Team (CMT) and work as a team to respond to a U.S. based casualty event.

Each table/team appointed a team leader who would then direct the team’s response and serve as the team’s spokesperson. Each team/table was then called upon by the exercise/training facilitators to explain their response strategies and exchange ideas, thoughts and questions among the other teams/tables.

“ECM staff very professional and well-skilled”; “very effective training session”; “very good and helpful forum; very interesting”; “working with personnel from different companies” were just some of the positive feedback received.

To give this some balance some of the “need for improvement” comments were as follows: “organize the next TTX in the same way”; “better than other TTXs attended in the past”; “chance to involve the USCG as well” and “having injects from an experienced incident where difficulties in handling were evidenced”.

Top five lessons that Clients learned from this Forum were:

1. “Extend knowledge towards other staff of the Comapny and get more realistic scenarios for internal exercise.”

2. “improve my company response and teamwork”

3. “I learned how to better organize the emergency team ashore”

4. “Importance of role of ECM”

5. “improve policy procedures regarding media management”
To support the actual exercise training aspect, ECM would like to thank the following speakers/companies who came to Rome to give presentations to the attendees during the Forum and actively participated during the actual training/ exercise event.  They were:

  • Mr. Oliver Hutchings from Charles Taylor & Co. Inc, managers of the Standard P&I Club on the role of the P&I Club in an oil spill incident.
  • Mr. Frans Melchers from Donjon-Smit, an SMFF provider on the role of the SMFF in a US-based incident.
  • Mr. Larry Malizzi of O’Brien and Gere on Natural Resource Damage Assessment as it applies in the US.
  • Ms. Nicoletta Cariglia of ITOPF on the role of ITOPF on spills in the US and worldwide.
  • Mr. Martin Slater of MTI Network on the role of media in the ICS and any major casualty in the US and worldwide.

Each speaker did an excellent job and both the speakers and the attendees were able to talk at length and network during the cocktail party and dinner. It was a great opportunity for both. ECM expects to hold future such events in other  venues as client interest and scheduling permits.







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