In-office Incident Management Exercise with V. Ships Leisure S.A.M. and Silversea Cruises

Each year ECM provides opportunities for clients to test their internal Crisis Management Team (CMT) following the Incident Command System (ICS) principles to ensure they are properly able to respond to a crisis in the U.S.

An in-office Incident Management Team Table Top Exercise (IMT TTX) is specifically designed, executed and facilitated to allow ECM clients an opportunity for improvement through a wide range of challenges including groundings, collisions, oil spills, crew injuries, etc.

Often times they will include outside participation from Salvage, P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters, Media Consultant, etc.

On November 29, 2016, ECM met with V. Ships Leisure  S.A.M. and Silversea Cruises and facilitated an in office IMT TTX.

V. Ships Leisure is the largest supplier of management and outsourcing services to the maritime leisure industry. Silversea Cruises is one of the companies managed by V. Ships Leisure. Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise ship line which is recognized by many as one of the best luxury cruise lines in the world.

The exercise was conducted in Monaco (V. Ships Leisure’s office) and on board the Silversea vessel Silver Cloud.

Bruno Di Lascio (ECM Europe) travelled to Monaco to serve in the role of TTX facilitator and to conduct Incident Command System (ICS) training for Silversea’s staff as well.

The exercise development process starts by identifying the specific objectives the client would like to accomplish during the IMT TTX.  From these discussions an exercise scenario is developed. In this particular case, the scenario involved the vessel Silver Cloud with 250 passengers and full crew on board that grounded while approaching Ft. Lauderdale, Florida following a Barbados cruise.

The exercise was designed to give the V. Ships/Silversea CMT a realistic perspective of the timing and activities that would be involved under the Incident Command System (ICS) in the first several hours of a response in the US. The exercise was focused on those response issues that would be pertinent to the SERS (Ship Emergency Response Service), USCG, OSRO, the State, SMMF provider and  the various responders.

Overall, the drill was very satisfactory and provided feedback for improvement for the V. Ships and Silversea CMT. The willing participation of the Master and crew as well as both companies, demonstrates their commitment to enhancing preparedness for emergency situations.

For more information on ECM’s in-office IMT TTX program, please contact ECM at

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