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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Penalty Policy for emission control area (ECA) violations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a penalty policy for violations of the NORTH AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN EMISSIONS CONTROL AREA (ECA) regulations.

The policy applies to violations of MARPOL Annex VI emission standards from ships and is effective from January 15th, 2015 for all vessels that have no pending settlement or penalty negotiations with the U.S. government.

In cases where action is pending, the policy may be applied retroactively at the discretion of the case team.

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Satellite Imagery Busts Maersk Tanker in UK Pollution Case

At a hearing today at Truro Magistrates Court in the UK, Maersk Tankers Singapore was ordered to pay a total of £22,500 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to a breach of UK maritime pollution legislation. Read more »

Turkish authorities implemented a revised Pollution Fine Tariff that will apply to pollution incidents taking place in this calendar year

In an urgent alert to American P&I Club members, the managers, following advice from their correspondent in Turkey, Vitsan A.S., Istanbul, recommend that shipowners and their masters take all possible steps not to cause any pollution by leakage/spillage of any kind of materials (ie, paint, oil, bilges, clean and dirty ballast, all kinds of residue, garbage, dirty water, sewage, water, laundry water with detergent, lavatory soap water, shower water, dust, rust, etc.) during ship visits to Turkey.

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Polluted in American Samoa, fined $2.2 million in D.C.

FEBRUARY 25, 2013 ­– Pacific International Lines, a Singapore-based container ship company, was sentenced today in D.C. federal court under the terms of a plea agreement that requires the company to pay $2.2 million in criminal penalties, the Department of Justice announced on Feb 25th.

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Notable Oil Spils in U.S. Waters 1989 to 2009

Each year, the Coast Guard investigates  several thousand polluting incidents in waters of the United States. The  investigation reports show that, in any given year, greater than 70% of  the annual spill volume can be attributed to fewer than 20 incidents.
This report describes the most significant of those incidents, commencing with 1989, the year of the largest spill in U.S. waters  the EXXON VALDEZ grounding, (up to that point in time). Read more »

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