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EMSA takes over the LRIT-IDE, ensuring ship position information flows between data centres worldwide as part of the LRIT system

(Lisbon, 18 October 2011) 4 times per day, 7 days per week, merchant ships around the world broadcast information about their position to satellites via a system called Long Range Identification and Tracking, or LRIT. Information from ships is relayed by satellites to Data Centres around the world, and the LRIT system enables maritime authorities to keep a constant eye on the position of ships that form a part of their country’s fleet. On 18 October 2011, EMSA becomes the operator of the LRIT‐International Data Exchange, or ‘LRIT‐IDE’, the central node which acts like a ‘switchboard’ to manage the flow of LRIT information between various LRIT Data Centres around the world. Continua »

(English) New PSC Inspection regime in EU

The EU LRIT Data Centre is in production

As from 1 June 2009, the European Union Long Range Identification and Tracking of ships Data Centre (EU LRIT DC) entered in production following successful developmental testing. This is a milestone following a preparatory phase of a year-and-a -half of development work by the European Maritime Safety Agency and its main contractor – Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS). By the entry into operation of the EU LRIT DC, the participating Contracting Governments meet the international deadline for providing LRIT information as of 30 June 2009. Continua »

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