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Launch of concentrated inspection campaign on structural safety and load lines

Inspection Campaign begins 1 September 2011, by Paris MOU on Port State Control

Control will begin a joint concentrated inspection campaign with the purpose to ensure compliance with structural safety and the Load Line Convention. This inspection campaign will be held for 3 months, ending on 30 November 2011. The States party of the Viña del Mar Agreement, the Indian Ocean MOU, the Mediterranean MOU and the Black Sea MOU will follow the same routine during the campaign. Continua »

Nuova “Deficiency code list” emessa dal Paris MoU in vigore dal 1 Luglio 2011

Il Paris MOU ha emesso la nuova “deficiency code list”, in vigore dal 01 Luglio 2011.

Il Paris MOU ha convenuto nel suo meeting di Maggio 2011, che la lista sia resa pubblica. Visiona la Deficiency Code List

(English) New PSC Inspection regime in EU

Nuovi Obblighi di Rapportazione al Port State Control

Il nuovo Regime di Ispezione del PSC entrerà in vigore il 01 Gennaio 2011

The New Inspection Regime (NIR) of the Paris MoU on port State control will enter into force on 1 January 2011 for all 27 Member States.

The NIR includes a targeting system assigning a risk profile to each ship visiting ports in the region . It will require certain information for any ship arriving and leaving ports or anchorages in the Paris MoU region to be made available to the new PSC information database. Continua »

Paris MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaigns

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (MoU) has issued a press release on 27th May 2008 Continua »

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