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Scott May participated in the Safety Excellence and Leadership Forum, in Rome

On September 28, 2017 our Scott May participated in the Safety Excellence And Leadership (SEAL) forum  held at the Holiday Inn Parco de Medici Hotel in Rome.

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US Maritime regulatory compliance training in Marseille, (France)

Bruno Di Lascio (ECM Europe) has conducted a US maritime regulatory compliance training at Marseille, (France) for GAZOCEAN on September 13rd, 2016.

Founded in 1957, GAZOCEAN is one of the oldest Marine Companies in the field of the transport by sea of liquefied natural gas.

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ECM have announced SMT/TTX in Europe on September and would like to remember its clients to attend the exercises as schedule herewith below.
ECM’s SMT TTX program is designed to fully comply with all federal and state requirements. Following the exercise, ECM provides our clients with all the documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with federal and state requirements.

ECM GROUP announces the launching of ECM TRAINING

ECM, the founder of ECM Maritime Services, LLC, is pleased to announce the formation of ECM Training as an adjunct to ECM Maritime Services, LLC and another ECM Group Company.

ECM Training will soon offer a suite of online training courses tailored to the maritime industry; vessel owners/operators/managers, manning/training centers as well as facilities, terminals and charterers. With its extensive portfolio of online course offerings, each USCG and/or DNV certified, ECM Training makes learning convenient to seafarers and shore based staff alike.

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Crisis Management Seminar, Manila

ECM is pleased to announce that once again, we will participate in the annual CRISIS MANAGEMENT SEMINAR (CMS) in Manila. The location for the 2015 seminar will be at the NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL (the former Hyatt Hotel & Casino) from Tuesday, June 2nd until midday on Thursday, June 4th, 2015.

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