The ECM Regulatory Reference Guide

Through detailed research and analysis procedures conducted by the ECM staff, this RRG examines the crucial factors shaping the environmental regulatory requirements for all kinds of commercial vessels operating in the U.S., Canada, the Panama Canal, Argentina and Japan.


Type/Frequency: Quarterly
Publishing date: Jan 15, 2009

Current Revision: Jan 2018


this guide is primarly intendent to familiarize ship operators and Masters with the all applicable regulations involved.

The comments and advises contained in this publication maybe supplemented by instructions from individual shipowners or ship managers in order that particular aspect of their own procedure can be covered and being in compliance with involved regulations. Other Parties may also benefit from studying these guidelines. Such parties may include P&I Brokers, Classification Societies, Charterer, Naval Academy and Training Institutes.

The ECM RRG contains:

  • An independent and detailed assessment of U.S. regulatory requirements for ship owners, managers, classification societies, oil companies, Nautical Institutes and all interested parties in the International shipping industry;
  • The ECM analysis of such regulations, guidance on how to comply, and hundreds of hyperlinks to Web resources providing end users with more details on specific instances, applications, and procedures.



The ECM RRG contains a detailed review of the maritime pollution regulations issued by the USCG, several US States, Canada, the Panama Canal, Argentina and Japan.

The RRG provides regulatory references and ECM perspectives and explanations, over 250 pages, over 100 Web hyperlinks to various agencies, regulatory sources and/or related entities. The RRG also provides guidance on ECM services aimed at helping ship owners and operators to meet the needed requirements.

The ECM RRG is available as a PDF file and it will be updated on a quarterly basis, enabling users to access updated information directly on their desktop, without having to scroll through ECM Client Alerts to find a specific requirement.

We are confident you will regard our RRG as an invaluable tool covering the many pollution compliance requirements and filled with information that can easily improve your internal management system as well.

Product Price Per Unit
RRG Annual Maintenance $500 per Company (ECM / ECM Europe Client)

$1500 per Company (Non-ECM / ECM Europe Client)


The ECM RRG is divided in 10 Sections.

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Who Reccomends the RRG

CMA-CGM, SSE Manager Sebastien SoldoI strongly recommend the RRG. It can be useful for ship’s crew as well as for shore staff to ensure a proper compliance to US regulations. It is very userfriendly, complete and affordable

Vroon Ship Management BV, QHSE Manager Roelandt Mijnlieff  “Very useful guide to review procedures and regulations. Our masters confirm the same. “

The Author

Mr . Bruno Di Lascio

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