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Comparison of the North American ECA (NAECA) and California Air resources board (CARB) Regulations

The California Air Resources Board issued Marine Notice 2012-1 to clarify the relationship and differences between the low sulfur fuel requirements of the California regulations and the North American ECA. Both the CARB regulations and NAECA have changes that are in force beginning August 1, 2012. Read more »

ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG): 9th revision available

ECM Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG), First Edition, Revision 9, now available for ECM Clients

Handbook for Environmental Regulatory Compliance, 1st Edition, 9th revision updates rules, regulations and procedures in light of the recent revised regulations introduced or better operational interpretation provided. It is an incomparable reference source for all ship-owners and managers and vessels as well trading in US, Canada, Argentina, Panama and Japan. Read more »

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