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Commission Urges Member States to Implement Sea Pollution Laws

The European Commission gave a series of Member States two months time to transpose EU rules laying down criminal penalties against sea pollution and other environmental offences.

Directive 2009/123/EC (amending Directive 2005/35/EC) on ship-source pollution is part of a set of EU rules to reinforce maritime safety and help prevent pollution from ships. It requires Member States to consider serious and illicit discharges of polluting substances from ships as a criminal offence. Eight states (Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia) have failed to comply with separate rules on pollution from ships. This Directive was due to be implemented by 16 November 2010. Continua »

Inquinamento Atmosferico: La strategia dell’EU per il settore marittimo

 EU Directive 2005/33/EC requiring use of 01.% sulphur marine fuel at berth (Fuel Switching ) entered into force on 1 January 2010


In November 2002 the European Commission published a strategy to reduce air pollution from sea-going ships and a proposal for reducing the sulphur content in marine fuel oils. Continua »

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