USCG/Paris Mou PSC Assistance & Training

ECM Europe offer the following services with respect to:

US Coast Guard Port Statel Control

Oil/Chemical Tanker Certificate of Complaince Examination (COC)

Any vessel that carries in oil and/or petroleum products in bulk operating in USA water must have a Certificate of Compliance (COC), REF 46 CFR 2.01-6, 46 CFR 30.01-6. ECM Europe support operators to caarry out of  Ship Assessment and on-board training based on USCG Boarding Policy in order to prepare the vessel to obtain the Oil/Chemical Tanker Certificate of Complaince Examination (COC) prior to operating in USA waters.
As per 46 CFR 2.10.120, any operator can arrange a USCG inspection and COC in Europe prior vessel arrivals in US waters. This process could reduce on vessel delays and running costs. Consequently an USCG overseas inspection and examination fee can be paid for each vessel inspection and examination conducted by USCG outside the US and its territories.
ECM Europe can assistance you in the COC application process. Moreover,we can assist you to conduct ship assessment and/or onboard PSC trainings. Please contact us for any question.
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QUALSHIP 21 is a program launched by the USCG to acknowledge and recognize those vessels and operators which maintain high safety standards and quality vessels. It is a coordinating program with the Port State Control program wherein the Coast Guard acknowledges that hundreds of vessels are operated responsibly, and are typically found with few or no deficiencies.
These quality vessels should be recognized and rewarded for their commitment to safety and quality.
Therefore, on January 1, 2001, the Coast Guard implemented an initiative to identify high-quality ships, and provide incentives to encourage quality operations. This initiative is called QUALSHIP 21, quality shipping for the 21st century.
To encourage quality vessels operations, all QUALSHIP 21 designated vessels will receive a QUALSHIP 21 Certificate, issued by the Office of Compliance (GMOC) staff. This certificate will have a maximum 2 year period of validity, which will correspond with the date of the COTP’s last “annual” Port State Control exam of the vessel.
For example, an eligible vessel that completed a successful annual freight ship exam on 25 September 2008 will receive a QUALSHIP 21 Certificate from G-MOC that expire on 24 September 2010. Additionally, QUALSHIP 21 vessels will have their names posted on the QUALSHIP 21 page of the headquarters Port State Control Internet web site.

ECM Europe can assistance in the identification of elegibility of your vessels/fleet.   Do not hesitate to Contact us for any questions.
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Port State Control in Europe

New Inspection Regime (NIR) of the Paris MoU on port State control has entered into force on 1 January 2011 in EU.
The NIR includes a targeting system assigning a risk profile to each ship visiting ports in the region . It will require certain information for any ship arriving and leaving ports or anchorages in the Paris MoU region to be made available to the new PSC information database. On 1st July 2011, the Paris MOU released the deficiency code list.

ECM Europe can assistance in preparation (Assessment and Training) of your crew for any type of vessel (commercial and yacht) 24hr a day.
Do not hesitate to Contact us for any questions.
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Managing Ship Safety and the Environment